Finding the right Chinese partner


Avoid production mistakes by finding the right Chinese partners To avoid production mistakes, it is very important to know who you are working with in China. If you search for business partners on online platforms such as Alibaba, it is often difficult to see from Germany who you are actually working with. Is

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Zero-Covid in China


What impact does the strict lockdown in China have on cooperation with Chinese partners? Even 2 years after the start of the Corona pandemic, the virus still strongly influences our lives, especially the regulations and restrictions have a great impact on our lives. So also on international business. Because the restrictions make business

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How the Ukraine conflict affects trade with China


The war in Ukraine led to major difficulties in the area of transportation. This is because one of the first sanctions imposed on Russia was to close airspace to Russian aircraft, and Russia responded by closing Russian airspace to most European aircraft. However, it is not only air cargo that has been affected by

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Common mistakes in product sourcing


Simple mistakes to avoid when sourcing from China Every project has its own unique requirements and difficulties, and yet there are a few general aspects that are very important to the success of the procurement. If these aspects are not taken into account, problems are very likely to occur. Inaccurately defined requirements A

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How do I protect my product from imitations?


Do I need a patent for my product? A patent is an industrial property right that prohibits others from using a certain invention. The patent is a quite technical property right, which protects things or also processes. Even if the effort to get a patent is usually large, it is still very helpful

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The new supply chain law from 2023


What are the implications of the Supply Chain Law for German companies in China? In 2021, the German government decided that a new supply chain law would come into force from 2023. This law is intended to ensure that wherever a company is active, care must be taken to ensure that there are

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CE certification for products from China


Products coming into the EU from abroad require a special certification that guarantees that the product complies with EU requirements and specifications. This certification is called CE and has a specific seal that is clearly visible on the products. Here, as a customer, it is important to note that it is the real seal

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What are the advantages of producing in China?


Why should companies produce in China? This is a question many people ask themselves, because why should you produce in a country so far away when you can do it right in front of your doorstep? But having your goods produced in China offers many advantages for companies. In this article we would

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The right choice of tool


What options a company has when choosing a tool For the production of products, producers always need the right tool for the specific product. Each product has different requirements and each company also has different ideas. When it comes to choosing the right tools among Chinese producers, companies have three different options:

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