Simple mistakes to avoid when sourcing from China

Every project has its own unique requirements and difficulties, and yet there are a few general aspects that are very important to the success of the procurement. If these aspects are not taken into account, problems are very likely to occur.

Inaccurately defined requirements

A very easy to avoid, but still very common problem is too vaguely defined requirements for the goods. When working with Chinese production companies, it is very important to discuss all details in great detail, whether the details concern the product directly, such as specific size specifications, materials and colors, or whether they concern external factors such as the time period or quantity. When working together, address all aspects surrounding your product as much as possible and clarify any unanswered questions. It is best if you deal with the producer’s standards at the very beginning and which standards he follows. If these standards do not match your requirements from the beginning, this production company is not suitable for cooperation with you.

No explicit contract

Contract Kaiserberg

A comprehensive contract is very important in procurement, as it summarizes all the terms and conditions and as both parties are obliged to comply with this contract. That is why we recommend writing down all the discussed details in the contract, so that you are well secured and also have a legal basis in case of any problems.

Price is not everything

When sourcing products from China, the first thing that comes to mind is the low prices, but you should not be lured by offers that are too cheap. If the costs are too low to be true, then they may be. Besides the price, there are other important factors that should definitely be considered when making a choice, such as the experience of the producers in the particular field or the standards according to which the producers operate. Too cheap offers often turn out to be goods with poor quality.

Obtain offers only from one producer

Many companies that have already procured products from China turn to the same production company again for further inquiries. If you have already had good experiences with this producer, then this is also a good first step. Nevertheless, we recommend that you also inquire with other producers and obtain quotes in order to achieve the best possible result. Because a good first product does not automatically mean that a second other product will also be good. It is quite possible that another producer will offer a better price-performance ratio for your request.

When working with Kaiserberg, we make sure that you are covered as well as possible and that no problems arise. With our local staff in Shanghai, who are experts in dealing with Chinese production companies, we can avoid many problems that may arise due to poor communication or other reasons. We always work to ensure that your goods arrive in the desired time and quality.

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