How can you have a broad network even as a start-up?

Kaiserberg sees itself as a start-up, as it is still a very young company with a young and freshly assembled team. Nevertheless, we have a broad network and have many experts at our side who help us with their expert knowledge.

Founding History

Kaiserberg International Trading was founded in 2017 by Hans-Peter Häberle, Stephan Häberle and Denis Kreissl with the aim of simplifying trade between Germany and China and making it more transparent. The three founders have years of experience in trade, transport and logistics and are also the managing directors of Häberle Logistik, which has been active for several decades and has developed into a global company over the years. Also with Kaiserberg from the beginning is Edward Pan, who manages the Shanghai office. He has years of expert knowledge, having worked for several companies as a sales manager, key account manager and buyer. Therefore, Edward Pan has a large network of Chinese manufacturers, wholesalers and much more. This combination of experts for the Chinese market and experts in the field of logistics characterizes Kaiserberg and offers a great potential for any company.


Teamwork Kaiserberg

Due to the continuous development of Kaiserberg, Aileen Häberle became Managing Director in September 2021 and heads the office in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Despite her young age, she has expert knowledge in the field of startup and product management and has a broad network of contacts in logistics and retail. She put together a young team that currently takes care of Kaiserberg’s day-to-day business, creating a start-up atmosphere in our office. This combination of young and experienced staff is what makes Kaiserberg stand out, as it allows the company to continuously develop and grow. Thanks to our close partnership with Häberle Logistik, we can draw on their expert knowledge at any time, no matter what the topic. For example, if we have questions regarding the legal regulations for importing certain substances from China to Germany, we can turn to the import experts at Häberle Logistik. This enables us to provide our customers with a high level of security and quality.

Startups helping Startups

As a Sourcing Agency we regularly cooperate with other startups and try to find common solutions. We help young companies find the right producer for their product and we take over the entire logistics process, so that the start-ups can concentrate on their core competencies. And we concentrate on ours! Even if the startups has already found the right producer, they can contact us and we will take care of the transport or even if they need advice on sourcing, transport and import. We always try to be a contact for start-ups to help each other.

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