What does it take to have a product produced in China without any problems?

We quite often get the question what kind of information we need about the product in order to find a suitable manufacturer in China. The answer is actually quite simple, because to avoid faulty deliveries and problems, we and the producer need as much and as detailed information as possible.

This overview can serve as a checklist:

  • Drawing, sketch and prototype of the product you are looking for.
  • Requirements sheet for the product
  • Determine general conditions

Drawing, sketch and prototype

In order for the product to meet the exact requirements of the company, it is essential to make detailed and accurate drawings and sketches of the product. This is the only way for a manufacturer to understand exactly how the product will be manufactured. It is best if, in addition to the sketches, there is also an initial prototype, on the basis of which any difficulties in production can be identified. The production of prototypes is also essential for the companies themselves during product development, because this is the only way to see whether a product really works. A prototype can be made by special prototype manufacturers, for example, and is used to test the product and represent it to customers and investors. If a prototype is faulty and the final product is manufactured according to this sample, the manufacturers are not responsible for this and the company is left with the costs and the faulty products. Companies should therefore always approach Sourcing Agencies or manufacturers only after the product has already been sufficiently planned and documented. Because this can save companies a lot of money and result in fewer mistakes.

Request sheet

In addition to drawings and sketches, there should be a request sheet where important information can be found. Questions that companies should be sure to ask are: How many products are needed? What color should they be? What materials should they be made of? Is the product needed including appropriate packaging? It is also important to consider here whether the product or individual parts of the product are patented or whether any competing products are patented. With the help of the request sheet and the sketches, it should be clear to everyone what the product should look like and how it should work. If there are still ambiguities or requirements that are not clearly defined, then misunderstandings can quickly occur.

General conditions

Also the general conditions are for Sourcing Agencies and for the manufacturers of large interest. The companies should in any case think about the price at which the end customers should buy the product and how much the product may cost at maximum during production. In doing so, companies should calculate realistically, because even with Chinese manufacturers, you pay for good quality. Another important point that should be clarified in the general conditions is the time available. Because if production has to start immediately and be completed as quickly as possible, it can be somewhat more expensive for the companies and the transport costs can also increase. If the product is needed urgently, transport via airplane is best, but this is more expensive than by ship, for example. Other aspects that should be clarified are, for example, the storage of the products or whether there is a possibility that there will be further orders of this product from this manufacturer in the future.

You have already made all these preparations and are now looking for suitable manufacturers?

Then please send us a non-binding inquiry and we will start looking for suitable Chinese producers for your product.