Bottles needed urgently

Link is a chemical company specializing in hygiene products and water treatment products. Link needed a bottle for their disinfectants immediately because the previous manufacturer could not deliver due to supply shortages during the Covid-19-pandemic.

Our proven & transparent process

  1. Challenge: Link needs bottles for their disinfectant as soon as possible because the previous manufacturer is not able to deliver. They sent us a request with all the requirements they have for the bottle. This includes, among other things, the quantity of bottles needed, the exact dimensions and, in this case, an example of the product. Link stated that they needed some of the bottles very quickly because the demand for disinfectant was very high at that time due to the Corona pandemic.
  2. Facility: We accept the order and hand it over to our staff in Shanghai, who look at Link’s specifications. They are looking for a manufacturer who specializes in plastic packaging and already has experience in the production of bottles.
  3. Research: Our employees in Shanghai search for and find a suitable producer for the bottles. They had previously obtained quotations from various manufacturers and then decided on the manufacturer who offers the best price-performance ratio and who can produce the first bottles as quickly as possible. They carry out quality control directly on site so that Link’s specifications are met and unnecessary incorrect deliveries can be avoided.
  4. Supply Chain & 5. Solution: We handle the entire logistics process for Link, while Link can concentrate on its day-to-day business. The first delivery is made via air transport due to the great time pressure. The next delivery is made via rail transport to reduce the costs a bit but still get the goods as soon as possible. In the future, the delivery will be made via ship freight, because this way the transport costs are the lowest.