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Our Team

Kaiserberg International Trading GmbH was founded in 2017 by Hans-Peter Häberle, Stephan Häberle and Denis Kreissl. The company is based in Schwäbisch Gmünd and is framed by the beautiful backdrop of the three imperial mountains “Rechberg”, “Stuifen” and “Hohenstaufen”, which also gave the company its name.
The founders have decades of in-depth expert knowledge in the fields of logistics, transport and trade.

Hans-Peter Häberle
Hans-Peter HäberleManaging Director
Hans-Peter Häberle has decades of experience in logistics and transport. In addition to his work at Kaiserberg, he is also the owner and managing director of Ludwig Häberle Logistik GmbH as well as a mediator, health mentor.
Stephan Häberle
Stephan HäberleManaging Director
Stephan Häberle is also the owner and managing director of Ludwig Häberle Logistik GmbH and has expert knowledge in the fields of transport and logistics.
Denis Kreissl
Denis KreisslManaging Director
Denis Kreissl worked for a large corporation in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain for decades before he took over his position as Managing Director of Ludwig Häberle Logistik GmbH.
Aileen Häberle
Aileen HäberleManaging Director
Aileen Häberle completed her master’s degree in business development with a focus on startup and product management. Her master’s thesis was about developing a consumer product for the Chinese market. She is now Managing Director at Kaiserberg since September 2021.
Tim Häberle
Tim HäberleSales Berlin
Tim Häberle is studying business administration in his bachelor’s degree and lives in Berlin. Here he supports Kaiserberg with on-site sales in Berlin.
Edward Pan
Edward PanLocation Management Shanghai, China
Edward Pan has already worked for several companies as a sales manager, key account manager and buyer. He now heads Kaiserberg’s office in China.
Xuelan Zhao
Xuelan ZhaoProject management
Ms. Zhao studied Business Administration in Logistics in the Netherlands and International Logistics and Customs Declaration in China. She has experience in purchasing, sales, logistics, accounting and order management and is involved in project management at Kaiserberg.
Max Berghaus
Max BerghausDistribution
Max Berghaus is studying for a bachelor’s degree in business administration & management and supports Kaiserberg in the areas of distribution and product research.
Yannik Brunner
Yannik BrunnerIntern Project Management
Yannik Brunner is studying industrial engineering and is currently completing his internship semester at Kaiserberg. He supports in the areas of project management, product research and purchasing.
Saskia Svoboda
Saskia SvobodaMarketing & Covid-Franchise
Saskia Svoboda has a master’s degree in German studies and is in charge of the marketing at Kaiserberg. She also looks after the Covid-franchise.
Selatin Selmani
Selatin SelmaniDesign & Corona testing stations
Selatin Selmani is completing his bachelor’s degree in communication design at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, and is in charge of the test stations and all design tasks at Kaiserberg.

The history of the three Kaiserberge

3 Kaiserberge

The three Kaiserberge are witness mountains of the Swabian Alb and form a striking group of three between Göppingen and Schwäbisch Gmünd. The name Kaiserberge originated from the fact that Hohenstaufen was the ancestral castle of the royal and imperial dynasty in the 13th century of the Staufers. However, Hohenstaufen Castle was burned down again during the Peasants’ War in 1525. It was built in 1070 by the Staufer Duke Frederick I of Swabia. Subsequently, the ancestral seat of the Staufers and the Counts of Rechberg was Hohenrechberg Castle. It was built by Ulrich von Rechberg around 1200.

Even today, Hohenrechberg Castle is still the landmark of the three imperial mountains. Although it was reduced to ruins by a fire in 1865, it is still an outstanding sight on the Road of the Hohenstaufen.

Even back then, the inhabitants distinguished themselves with a strong sense of innovation, creativity, tradition, health as well as sustainability and quality.

Our office in Shanghai

In 2019, we successfully opened our office in Shanghai, China. This enables us to operate directly on the ground. Edward Pan, our local employee takes care of all matters and handles the business in China.

Why do our customers choose Kaiserberg?


We do not only look for a suitable producer for your products, we also handle the whole process of logistics. With our staff in China, we can check the quality of the products to avoid unnecessary wrong deliveries. Before you place an order, we can also provide you with prototypes and product samples in small quantities.

Our Vision


We enable our customers to act barrier-free across all borders and create unlimited agility for the customer in all markets.

Our Mission


We provide our customers with transparent transactions with the Chinese market. Simple, secure, comfortable for our customers and with the highest quality standards.

How does the cooperation with Kaiserberg work?

First you send us an inquiry in which you specify all the requirements that your product should have. The requirements include the size, color, quantity and at best a drawing or sketch of your product. If you already have a prototype, you are welcome to send it to us. In this first step we should also determine the basic conditions, that means you indicate how fast you need the product and which budget is available.

Next, we will conduct a product research together with our local staff in China and search for a suitable manufacturer for you. When we have found a suitable manufacturer for your product, then you will receive a quotation. Thereby we present you different possibilities for the transportation of your goods.

Afterwards you place the order. Then we take care of the production and transport. During this time you can fully concentrate on your daily business. Depending on the type of transport you choose and the manufacturing time, you will receive your product in time, delivered to your doorstep.

Our Partner

Through our cooperation with Häberle Logistik, we can rely on years of experience and reliability in worldwide logistics.

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